REDDOXX Maildepot

REDDOXX archiving is a legally compliant solution for the long-term storage of e-mails.
The MailDepot was offered in the entry-level version "Basic" and the full version "Premium".
Since 02.06.2020, MailDepot is only available in the full version "Premium".

Property / Function "Basic" "Premium" Comment
Supported Mail Servers
- MS-Exchange® 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019
- Lotus Notes (V 8.5 or higher)
- Postfix
- Office 365 (contract E1 or higher)
- Hosted Exchange®
- Tobit David Additional software from ITACOM required if internal e-mails are to be archived.
- Novell Groupwise Additional software from BOND required if internal e-mails are to be archived.
Search functions / e-mail processing
- Full text search in the e-mails and all texts of the attachments !
- Combined search across all fields and contents of an e-mail
- Quick storage of search queries for a virtual and self-learning folder structure !
- Quick selection of search fields and field combinations
- Original representation of mail content (HTML/RTF/Text)
- Direct further processing MS Outlook® Installed REDDOXX Outlook Addin required
- Deputy function via group permissions
- Search result with display of e-mail history
- Indication of incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails in the search result
- Multiple operations in the search result via context menu, e.g. deliver, forward and open
- E-mail history with binding timestamps
Access permissions
- Automatic replication from Active Directory (MS Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019) !
- User can assign deputy rights
- Rule-based assignment of deputy rights with group function (e.g. for department-wide access)
- Automatic creation of subject archives with group- or user-specific access rights
- Audit function with dual control principle
Supported storage devices and functions
- iSCSI native
- Logical V-Disk only for Virtual Appliances
- USB-Device for Hardware Appliances only
- Hierarchical storage management possible
Archive Storage
- Self-supporting archive, search index and access rights are located in the archive container !
- No size limitation
- Full text indexing of the entire email content including all attachments with text content
- Deduplication / Single Instancing, each e-mail is stored only once per archive
- Real-time compression during storage (ZIP algorithm)
- Encrypted (AES 256bit) storage of the data
- Additional signing when storing the e-mail (revision security)
- Additional encryption (AES) with individual password possible
- Offline use of archives, search, read and export also possible without appliance
- Archiving of all metadata and timestamps
- Freely selectable chunk size (maximum size of data files from which the split occurs)
- Dual Archive (up to 2 in parallel)
- Multiple archives (up to 32 in parallel) hierarchical storage management possible
- individual retention times per archive can be set !
Data Lifecycle Management Functions
- Hierarchical storage management
- Separate storage of large e-mails on alternative storages
- Sealing of archive containers (read only) !
- Content-dependent moving / copying of archived mails
- Content-dependent transfer of archived emails incl. metadata to DMS/CRM etc.
- Continuous backup (data mirroring) !
Compliance functions
- Auditor access with evaluable access log
- Auditor access secured via dual control principle
- Content-dependent audit for revision-oriented access
- Offline audit (without appliance), suitable for external auditing !
- Audit-compliant logging (Compliance Log) !
- Data protection-compliant handling of sensitive data can be set (Compliance Framework)
- Manipulation-proof storage times can be set !
- Binding proof of the time of receipt or dispatch
- Audit-proof and encrypted storage
- Rule-based archive exclusions (sender, recipient, subject, size)

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