REDDOXX Appliance

REDDOXX is increasingly focusing on virtual appliances. The reason for this is obvious: Virtualisation projects are currently being implemented in many companies and organisations and there is a particularly strong demand for suitable solutions. The connection or positioning between the firewall and the mail server is basically done in a similar way as with conventional hardware appliances.

The virtual appliances from REDDOXX can be used flexibly in a wide variety of virtualisation infrastructures, for example in VMware, Xen or Hyper-V environments. They combine the advantages of a self-contained and precisely coordinated appliance system with the high reliability and low resource consumption of a virtualised application.

Feature / Function Comment
Modes of operation
- SMTP Mail Gateway bidirectional Mail Transport Agent
- POP3 Gateway Mode Incoming Mails via PoP3, Outgoing Mails via SMTP
- Archive Mode Email archiving in push mode (SMTP) or poll mode (PoP3), only in combination with a REDDOXX Maildepot licence
Supported virtualisation platforms
- VMware® vSphere (ESX)
- VMware® Server (from v. 2.0)
- VMware® Workstation (from v. 5.x)
- CITRIX® XEN Server (from v. 6.5)
- Microsoft® Hyper-V (from Windows 2008R2)
- KVM (e.g. Proxmox)
- Virtual Box
- Microsoft Azure (for this, the appliance must be installed locally in Hyper-V and then loaded into the Azure Cloud. The Marketplace is currently not yet supported, but is in progress) .
Administration and User Interface
- Integrated WEB administration interface (admin desktop) Requires a current browser
- Outlook integration via an add-in to be installed from Microsoft® Outlook 2010
- WEB based user interface Requires a current browser
- iPhone / iPad APP
- Android Phone / Tablet APP
User management and directory services automatic synchronisation of the mailboxes with the respective directory service (properties must be available)
- Local database
- Microsoft® Active Directory
- Open LDAP
- Lotus Notes
- Novell NetWare (e-Directory)
Security and Availability Features
- Integrated virus protection for all incoming and outgoing e-mails only in conjunction with a valid Software-Subscription
- Optional encryption of outgoing emails with a password (REDDCRYPT) Extendable to S/MIME / OpenPGP through MailSealer licence
- Daily and automatic backup of configuration and local transaction data to a freely selectable storage device SMB and NFS shares, iSCSI devices and logical RAW lunes (VDISK) are supported
SNMP monitoring
Cyclic system check (health check)
- Self-healing functions and fault tolerance (system watchdog)
- Alarm messages in case of error (e-mail push)
- Hot standby cluster (optional module) Hot standby licence and second REDDOXX Appliance required
- Remote support via SSH key based authentication by REDDOXX employees

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