Audit Sessions

An Audit Session (Revision, Examination) allows authorized users access to selected mails.
An Audit Session is coordinated for a limited time by an administrator.
The authorized user, or auditor, is able to access the Audit Session from their user console.
An audit is completely detailed, in order to show who, when, and where a mail was accessed and on whose authority the Audit Session was ordered.

The following steps are required to create a new Audit Session:

  1. Select Add
  2. Define a Name and Description and select if the audit is enabled and if there is a period of validity.
  3. Switch to the Restrictions tab and choose if all are a selection of container / categories shall be applied to the audit and if the audit is limited by a filter query.
    The restrictions are logically linkend (AND), to restrict the Audit result.
    If for example only one category is selected, the Audit will only find mails that are within this category.
  4. Switch to the Access Control tab and Add Users and/or Groups that are allowed to start this audit (local users of the appliance can also be used).
  5. Switch to the Participants tab and select Users that have to authenticate themselves on the user console of the auditor in order to proceed with the audit.
  6. Save the audit session.