Archive Container on Worm / Silent Cube

Datastorages with WORM technology are used to prevent the deletion, altering or rewriting of files on a storage device.
This technology is also used in the FAST LTA Silent Cubes and is therefore a solid base for longterm archiving.
The silent cubes are managed by the so called head unit.
The head unit itself is responsible for the data transfer between and to the silent cubes and holds the data to be transfered in a cache.

In general, silent cubes and other storage media based on worm Technology (Read only media like dvd, blu-ray discs, etc) can be used as storage device for REDDOXX Archive Containers without further adjustment.

The REDDOXX Archive Container need to be set to "Read Only" before moving onto a worm device.
This can be done via right click -> edit on the respective Container with the "Read-Only" option.

As accessing the data on cubes is slower compared to NAS / iSCSI Storages, search queries via the Index of REDDOXX Archive Containers are also affected from the slower search speed.
When multiple search queries are done to a couple of containers on the silent cube, the search query gets noticeably slower for the user.
To avoid this performance drop, the Index-Data should be hold in the head unit of the silent cube, but at the moment this is not possible.

If the containers are needed for further search queries, they should be moved to a more performant storage device.