Admin Desktop

  • The Webinterface of your REDDOXX Appliance is available at http://Appliance-IP/admin
  • The default password for the sf-admin user is admin
  • Webinterface language can be switched at the globe icon
  • A Reboot or Shutdown of the Appliance can be performed with the computer icon (left of the globe icon)
  • There is a context based search available, the results can be selected directly under the search field
  • Each configuration area can be moved to the upper panel with the minimize symbol
  • ESC Key is used to close the management windows
  • With the F1 Key a context based help is opened for the selected menu
  • The Notification Center displays important information / errors / warnings after logging in, e.g. during diagnostics.
    These can be cleared via Clear when the errors are resolved

  • Maintenance mode is useful if the appliance is not to accept / process emails for a defined period of time
  • If, for example, a snapshot of the appliance is taken before an update, this can ensure that data consistency is maintained in the event of a restore
    because no new emails have been accepted / processed in the meantime that would otherwise be lost when going back to the snapshot
  • The computer icon in the top right-hand corner can be used to start the maintenance mode via "Activate Maintenance Mode"
  • This stops all data processing services of the appliance, including
    • SMTP Receiver
    • SMTP Sender
    • MailDepot
    • Spamfinder
    • POP3 Proxy
    • MailSealer
    • Compliance Log
  • This state remains even after an update or reboot