Filter Lists

The filter lists are used to manage desired (whitelist) and undesired (blacklist) entries.

  • Filter lists can be both global and user-based.
  • Global filters are maintained by the administrator, user-based filters are additionally maintained by the users (if permitted).
  • Global filters have priority over user-based filters.
  • Whitelist filters include AWL (Address Whitelist), DWL (Domain Whitelist) and SWL (Subject Whitelist)
  • Blacklist filters include ABL (Address Blacklist), DBL (Domain Blacklist), and SBL (Subject Blacklist).
  • Auto Whitelist feature adds recipients email addresses to the AWL if outgoing mail traffic is routed through the appliance
  • Entries in filter lists are not case sensitive
  • Entries can be created, edited and deleted
  • Individual filter types are described in the following document: Filter Types