2034 SP 1 (2.4.63730)

  • In preparation for future optimization of the search engine, the index of all containers must be migrated once when updating to 2034 SP1.
  • This process is fully automated, but could reveal existing defects on historically grown containers
    • e.g. "Data / NameHolder Mismatch", "Specified Index is out of Range", or general "Migration Error".
    • These errors can of course be fixed by our development team via remote support.
  • Since write access to the index folder is required, this must be taken into account for write-protected storage systems (Fast LTA / Worm).
    Here it must be ensured for the update that the containers are on a writeable storage.

  • The licence report is sorted by realms and domains
  • Port 22 (SSH) can be disabled via the Admin Gui
  • Ubuntu is now on 20.04
  • OpenLDAP and Notes are available as sync realms
  • Diagnostics for expiring certificates
  • Port 111 is only opened if NFS v3 is in use
  • Added multiselect for category assignment
  • Start module is configurable in the user gui
  • Diagnostic report now provides information on hostname and serial number (for ISPs)
  • Multiselect + download of multiple mails from archive possible
  • Logfiles are now deleted correctly after the configured retention time has expired

  • Directory monitoring empties the directory after retrieval again
  • Archive policies now also consider connectors again
  • Paging in realms is available again
  • UPN change for Microsoft AD realms now works without having to create a new realm
  • Receive Connector Limits are taken into account
  • Transport Policies have a configurable maximum delivery time again
  • Encrypted POP3 proxy mails can be decrypted by MailSealer
  • All UI panels can now be disabled for users via policies
  • Non-delivery reports of emails with BATV tag sent to non-existing recipients are now correctly delivered to the sender
  • CLAMAV has a higher timeout
  • Permissions for category voting are evaluated correctly
  • REDDOXX Private CA for mail encryption between 2 appliances is validated correctly
  • Hotfix overview now shows correct values for Available and Installed Hotfixes
  • After whitelists in the Spamfinder of the user interfaces, no adjustment of the validity period is necessary
  • The Spamfinder list in the User Interface hides duplicates again
  • Umlaut problems with received mails fixed

  • TLS retrieval with the POP3 Connector and SMTP transport policies with TLS against too old Servers (Exchange 2013 and older, Windows Server 2012 and older) is no longer possible.
  • TLS must be disabled in the corresponding settings (the transport policy for the target domain, the POP3 Connector configuration)

The following problems with this service pack and related hotfixes or workarounds are known.
You can install the respective hotfixes in the Admin Webinterface => Administration => Updates => Install hotfixes.
Obsolete hotfixes in the table are integrated into more recent hotfixes and are therefore no longer available.

Date Problem Title Problem Description Workaround / Hotfix Obsolete
04.03.2023 Hotfix 14-hwdetect-azure Hotfix Hardware Detection Azure hf-14-hwdetect-azure
04.03.2023 Hotfix 13-hwdetect-azure Hotfix Hardware Detection Azure hf-13-hwdetect-azure
07.11.2023 Hotfix 12-4523 Hotfix Security Hotfix VmWare hf-12-4523
23.10.2023 Hotfix 11-4223 Hotfix Search Domain hf-11-4223
23.10.2023 Hotfix 10-3923 Internal Hotfix for Web Server Logging hf-10-3923
09.21.2023 Hotfix 09-3723 Cluster Fix and Nutanix AHV Support hf-09-3723
25.08.2023 Hotfix 08-3423 Various service adjustments hf-08-3423
07.08.2023 Hotfix 07-3032 Various service adjustments hf-07-3023
19.07.2023 Hotfix 06-release Hotfix for publishing 2034 SP1 hf-06-release
04.07.2023 Hotfix 05-snmp Added common Linux OIDs hf-05-snmp
14.06.2023 Hotfix 04-samba Adjustments to Appliance Services hf-04-samba
06.06.2023 Hotfix 01-2323 Adjustments to Appliance Services hf-01-2323

Detailed descriptions are provided below for the existing hotfixes.

  • Adjustment of hardware detection on Azure appliances for update compatibility

  • Adjustment of hardware detection on Azure appliances for update compatibility

  • General Hotfix for the Vmware Tools

  • In some cases the search domain was not applied correctly, this has been corrected with the hotfix.

  • The logging of the web server (for internal diagnostics in case of errors) did not work, this is corrected with the hotfix.

  • When switching the cluster, "Waiting for connection" was displayed in the web interface, this has been corrected
  • Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) are now part of the appliance, providing support for Nutanix AHV

  • Autowhitelist adjustment works again
  • Deliver and Whitelist Domain within Spamfinder creates correct domain entry again
  • Userinterface is no longer reporting 404 error when hiding certain areas via policies

  • Realms can now be saved with empty user lookup query (important for Lotus Notes realms)
  • SNMP OIDs are available again after a reboot
  • OpenSSL ciphers are now compatible with older systems

  • SSL Cipher String for Openssl is adjusted and now corresponds to the Ubuntu default
  • Spamfinder search works again
  • Errors in MailSealer processing (when sending an email to multiple recipients that could not be encrypted for each of them) have been fixed
  • The container overview is now formatted correctly again
  • MailSealer no longer reports a duplicate key error when processing PGP encrypted emails
  • In the user interface the page number is now displayed correctly again even with the light theme
  • The execution interval of the MailDepot tasks is processed correctly
  • Saved TLS settings in the transport policies are not reset to automatic when changing the transport policy

  • After the update, Linux Object IDs were missing, these have been added again.

  • Fixes access problem to SMB/CIFS storages

  • SNMP values are complete again after a shutdown / reboot
  • SNMPv2 works again
  • Archive Policy evaluates e-mails sent only to BCC correctly again
  • Emails to icloud.com and me.com can be sent again
  • The interface eth0:mdcon is checked against already assigned IP addresses during configuration.
  • Remote Support is reactivated after the update if it was active before the update.
  • CipherString for OpenSSL updated

  • The Outlook Addin refuses the connection to REDDOXX Desktop in certain current Outlook clients, therefore either REDDOXX Desktop has to be used directly to work with the MailDepot, or the user web interface has to be used