Disk Space

Diagnose "Disk Space" checks the free Space of System- and Datapartition on your Appliance.

Warning Datapartition
A warning will be reported, if the used disc space of the datapartition is exceeding the provided threshold.
The threshold should be set lower than for errors in order to receive warnings as early as possible to and solve upcoming issues.

Error Datapartition
An error will be reported, if the used disc space of the datapartition is exceeding the provided threshold.

Possible errors and solutions
If the datapartition is running out of disc space, a possible cause could be an interrupted processing of the waiting queues.
Mails that are not processed accordingly (e.g. archived) will remain on the appliance and consume disc space.

  • Check if the amount of mails in the archive spooler is increasing constantly.
    If the appliance receives more mails that can be processed, the appliance is reaching a limit.
    In this case, a more powerful appliance is required.
  • The storage could also be too slow, this can be checked with the storage performance diagnose.
  • In case a connected System is sending more mails than the appliance can process, check if the mails can be send in portions.
  • Use the storage diagnose to check if there are any issues with the storage.
  • Check if a default container is set, available and opened in the Archive container overview.
    A default container is required so that the mails from the archive spooler can be processed.
  • Check the log file retention time.
    You can set a retention time and configure an automatic delete for older log files.
  • Maybe the retention time for spam and ciss queue is set too long.
    A good value is 30 days.
    The lower the value, the lesser space on the appliance will be required.
    If you reduce the value, the expired spam mails will be deleted cyclical.
  • Check if the amount of mails in the archive Spooler is increasing permanently and cannot be processed fast enough.
    In this case the appliance is also reaching a limit.
    You need a more powerful appliance.
  • Possibly a too short interval in archive tasks is a reason for increased disk space consumption, as for each time the task runs, an entry in the compliance log will be generated.
  • In Hardware appliance, the disc can be changed with a bigger one, after that, a new installation and restore is required.
  • The datapartition is automatically resized if there is new unallocated space on the appliance system disk (when the disk is enlarged in the virtual machine settings).
    Size adjustment only affects data partition (DATA) not system partition (SYSTEM). The system partition should be around 70% usage constantly.
    This way, no backup / restore is required anymore.
  • If the compliance log is consuming much space, the older compliance logs from previous years can moved to an external storage.