2032 SP 2 (2.2.1242)

Release Notes - Version 2032-SP2

System requirements and important notes:

  • 2 GB RAM minimum required.
  • The update needs, according to the performance of the hardware, between 5 and 10 minutes.
    During this time, the services will be offline.
  • During the update in a cluster the active node failover to the secondary node, so the services will continue to be online most of the time.
  • VMware machines should have configured the VMXNET3 Network Adapter because of better performance and reliability as well.


  • Signaturmethode SHA-2 (Hash Algorithmus) is supported in Mailsealer.
  • Authentification with UPN (Universal Principal Name) is supported.


  • Security patch for WannaCry (USN-3296-2: Samba vulnerability)
  • Security fixes in application software and Operating system.
  • Hyper-V: Improved driver support for Hyper-V (especially in Generation-2).
  • Customer reported bugs (Known issues) fixed.

The following issues with this service pack and corresponding hotfixes or workarounds are known.
You can install the corresponding hotfixes via Firmware Diagnose -> Hotfixes -> Install.

Date Issue title Issue description Workaround / Hotfix
08.01.2020 Hotfix compliancelog Hotfix for Compliancelog Database 60-compliancelog
02.07.2019 Hotfix Reboot Required Fixes error in reboot required diagnose 55-reboot-required
24.06.2019 Hotfix Watchdog Watchdog stability update 54-watchdog
17.06.2019 Hotfix Engine Security Engine Service security update 53-engine-security
09.05.2019 Hotfix Update Root CA updates for mailsealer root certificates 51-update-root-ca
10.04.2019 Hotfix engine monitor Engine stability update 49-engine-monitor
10.04.2019 Hotfix apache Apache version update 46-apache
10.04.2019 Hotfix clamav ClamAV version update 47-clamav
12.02.2019 Hotfix ntp Improvements for Network Time Diagnose and Time Synchronisation 46-ntp
21.01.2019 Hotfix TCPDump Diag Improvements for TCPDump Diagnose 44-tcpdump-diag
28.11.2018 Hotfix Watchdog Improvements for Watchdog stability hf43-watchdog
14.08.2018 Hotfix Storage Compliance Mount Fixes rare issues with remote compliance logs on disabled storages. Disable SMBv1 for CIFS mounts hf41-storage-compliance-mount
02.08.2018 Hotfix Disable Mlocate Disable and delete mlocate file hf-40-disable-mlocate
30.07.2018 Hotfix ClamAV Upgrade ClamAV upgrade to version 0.100.1 hf-39-clamav-upgrade
17.07.2018 Hotfix restproxy Restproxy Service Update / API Hotfix for TANSS hf-38-restproxy
11.07.2018 Hotfix fuzzy filter Fuzzy Filter version update hf-37-fuzzy-filter
25.06.2018 Hotfix cleanup coredump Core Dumps are deleted and deactivated hf-36-cleanup-coredump
25.06.2018 Hotfix new hotfix deployment Optimization to future hotfix downloads hf-35-new-hotfix-deployment
11.06.2018 Hotfix delete logfiles Logfiles that could have been stored on the system partition are moved to the data partition hf-34-delete-logfiles
23.04.2018 Hotfix hotfix version License checks now also report the hotfix version to improve support capabilities hf-33-hotfix-version
19.04.2018 Hotfix ClamAV Extension Blocked extensions in archives are now processed case insensitive hf-32-clamav-extension
19.04.2018 Hotfix Fuzzy Filter Adjustments to the fuzzy diagnose, that can (if enabled as selftest) start the service, in case it stopped working hf-31-fuzzy-filter
10.04.2018 Hotfix Crontab Random starts for crontab hf-30-crontab
09.04.2018 Hotfix Crontab Fixes that are required for our portal conversion hf-29-crontab
09.04.2018 Hotfix HTTP Diag Fixes that are required for our portal conversion hf-28-http-diag
06.04.2018 Hotfix Certificate Diag Adjustments to the certificate view hf-27-certificate-diag
06.04.2018 Hotfix Clamav Phishing Future Adjustments to disable url phishing detection hf-26-clamav-phishing
05.04.2018 Hotfix HTTP Diag Fixes that are required for our portal conversion hf-25-http-diag
05.04.2018 Hotfix Crontab Fixes that are required for our portal conversion hf-24-crontab
05.04.2018 Hotfix Storage Diag Fixes issues with special characters hf-19-storage-diag
27.03.2018 Hotfix Whitelistcleaner diag Fixed the sql error in the whitelistcleaner diagnose hf-23-whitelistcleaner-diag
27.03.2018 Hotfix Firmware diag Layout fix for selftest report hf-22-firmware-diag
28.02.2018 Hotfix Backup Verification Logfiles moved from system to data partition hf-21-backup-verification
02.02.2018 Hotfix Clamav Upgrade Clamav Security Patch hf-20-clamav-upgrade
04.12.2017 Hotfix Filesystem Diag Disables filesystem diag for hourly selftest hf-16-filesystem-diag
04.12.2017 Hotfix Delete Logfiles Logfiles were not deleted when no backup storage was configured hf-15-delete-logfiles
17.10.2017 Hotfix Fuzzy Diag Fuzzy Service was checked in process list in rare circumstances though spamfinder service was activated hf-14-fuzzy-diag
06.09.2017 Hotfix Container Diag Container with spaces in the name can now be repaired hf-12-container-diag
06.09.2017 Hotfix restproxy Fixes rare issue with Zero Byte files after power outage or hard shutdowns hf-11-spamreport-restproxy
20.07.2017 Hotfix Ciss Theme Ciss Themes could not be selected in local domains hf-10-ciss-themes
19.07.2017 Hotfix Diag Security Fixed potential security issues. hf-09-diag-security
14.07.2017 Hotfix Cluster Leave After releasing a cluster, the secondary appliance was missing its data partition hf-08-cluster-leave
11.07.2017 Hotfix logrotate Logrotate improvements to better shrink logfiles hf-07-rotate-ssh-login-log
03.07.2017 Hotfix Health Check Fixes an issue with zero byte files, where the health check could not run and even not canceled correctly hf-06-health-check
03.07.2017 HyperV Backup freezes Under rare circumstances, an appliance can freeze when backup via external tools (e.g. AltaroVM,Veeam,BackupExcec) is performed. Please check the corresponding FAQ for a workaround
12.06.2017 Hotfix restproxy Trust Status in MailSealer Certificates is now correctly saved, when changed hf-05-restproxy
07.06.2017 Hotfix Outlook Mails in the Outlook addin could not be opened in outlook hf-04-outlook
06.06.2017 Hotfix restproxy Fixes rare processing errors in the pop3 connector Queue a security issue in the GUI hf-03-restproxy
31.05.2017 Release 2032 SP2 2032 SP2 initial Release