Network Interfaces

The Network Interface Diagnose can be used to check the statistic values of the configured network devices to detect errors in your network.

The Network Interface Diagnose evaluates the before and after state of the received (RX) and sent (TX) packages for a optional given period (Test Duration in seconds) and reports an error if the Threshold Parameter is exceeded.
In case of an error, the corresponding table field is marked in red.

To generate Network load, a parallel started Storage Performance Diagnose can be used to better identify errors in the network transmission.

In case of errors, the switch where the appliance is connected to, or the network needs to be checked for the actual reason.

Configurable Parameter:
Test Duration in seconds: Here a period in seconds can be configured to evaluate the before and after state of the network-statistics.
The Default is 0 seconds and will perform a current test without a time period.
Threshold for packet drops and Errors: Is set in promille (‰) and can be any value bigger than 0,01 (this would be one error or dropped package each 100000 packages).
Enable/Disable selftest: With enable/disable selftest, the test can be enabled or disabled for the hourly selftest.
If running as selftest, the diagnose will only display the current state, without a time period.