CISS Theme Configuration

The CISS Themes can be configured in the portal.
Here you define the appearance (layout) of your CISS portal page.
If you wish to have different layouts for separate domains, you need to create multiple themes and then assign a domain to your prepared themes.
The CISS themes need to be assigned to the local internet domains.

The following steps are required to access the CISS Theme Configuration:

  1. Start a browser (it needs to be maximized)
  2. Login to the portal
  3. Open the CISS Theme Configuration with "Your Products" -> "Reddoxx Appliance" -> "Actions" -> "Manage CISS"
  4. Select the "REDDOXX default theme", or add a new theme (Enter Theme Name and click Add Theme)

Following steps are required to edit a CISS Theme:

  1. Select "Common" in the left panel and provide a name for the Theme
  2. Switch to the Layout management with Next
  3. Select one of the 5 different Layout types, a preview with the available Areas and Logo positions is displayed for each layout
  4. Configure the LOGO and AREA views for your needs and check with Preview
  5. Switch with Next to the Language management
  6. Here you can add Languages, edit languages and set a language as default (the default language is used, if the Ciss filter doesn´t recognize the language of an incoming E-Mail)
  7. For each language the Introduction message, Error message and Thanks massage needs to be edited, then save the translations with "Save translations"
  8. Switch with Next to the Imags management
  9. Upload and edit the Images used for the CISS Challange
    Select uploaded images with the edit icon and provide interactive fields by clicking inside the image
  10. The size of the clicked field can be changed with the Grid size
  11. Switch to the Instructions and define Click Instructions for your interactive fields for each of the language you defined before
  12. Save the changes for the image
  13. When all adjustments are done, the theme can be saved via Submit

The theme can now be used at your CISS Management in the lokal internet domain.
Additionally you need to select CISS in your Filter Profiles to activate the CISS Challenges.