POP3 Configuration

The REDDOXX appliance can be used to fetch e-mail via POP3.

  1. An E-Mail Client starts a pop3 poll
  2. The REDDOXX takes stores the login credentials
  3. The Appliance provides all e-mails to the client that are already in the "POP3 Out Queue", this ends the poll request from the client
  4. The Appliance uses to login credentials to fetch mails from the mail provider
  5. All available messages are fetched and moved to the "POP3 In Queue"
  6. The Validiation Process filters for spam and archives E-Mails if the MailDepot archiving is enabled
  7. In the last step, E-Mails are moved to the POP3 Out Queue and are ready to be fetched by the e-mail Client

When recieving E-Mails via pop3 with the REDDOXX Appliance, the delivery takes place in the 2nd poll from the e-mail Client.
E-Mails are fetched every 5 minutes via the E-Mail client.
The mail will reach the client after 10 minutes, as the mail is validated and stored in the appliance before.
With this, this behaviour causes the CISS Challenge to be delivered to the Sender, when the E-Mail is fetched by the POP3 Client.
When fetching Mails with a centralized POP3 fetching Service (e.g. fetchmail, POPCon), no Problems will occur.
If the fetching is done via single E-Mail Clients (e.g. after a User is back from Holiday), the CISS Challenge is delivered with a delay.

The following steps are required to configure Mail Clients to recieve POP3 E-Mails via the REDDOXX Appliance:

  1. Set the hostname or IP adress of the Appliance as incoming POP3 mail server
  2. When using TLS certificates, the host name should be used to avoid errors.
  3. The account name is created with the login name and the pop3 Server from the provider
    • Example 1:
    • Your E-Mail Address is: myaccount@web.de
    • The Login is: myaccount
    • The Pop3-Server is: pop3.web.de
    • This results in the new account name: myaccount@pop3.web.de
    • Example 2:
    • Your E-Mail Address is: myaccount@gmx.de
    • The Login is: myaccount@gmx.de
    • The Pop3-Server is: pop3.gmx.de
    • This results in the new account name: myaccount@gmx.de@pop3.gmx.de
  4. Please use this compound account name for logging on to your REDDOXX appliance via POP3
  5. Disable "Server authentication" for Outgoing Server when outgoing mails are to be delivered via the REDDOXX Appliance

When retrieving the e-mails by POP3 via the REDDOXX Appliance, the e-mails are deleted regardless of the settings of the retrieving client.

The following steps are required to configure the Appliance for sending Mails via SMTP:

  1. Configure all sending hosts in Trusted Networks (Configuration -> E-Mail Transport -> Trusted Networks)
  2. Enter a descriptive name and the authorized network in CIDR notation (individual hosts with /32 or e.g. a network with 255 clients via /24)
  3. Confirm the settings with "Save"
  4. If the appliance is then to send mail via a relay instead of DNS, configure a corresponding SMTP Transport Rule

Setting up users and e-mail aliases is done automatically as soon as a client retrieves an e-mail from its provider.
Thereby the e-mail alias receives the pseudo domain pop3proxy.reddoxx.
Licences will be assigned automatically, depending on whether there are still any available.

Consider when using catch-all mailboxes, that all E-Mail Addresses are assigned to a single User (Login)
This results in the problem, that only one user in the appliance is configured having all E-Mail aliases.
The waiting Queues therefore can only be managed by this one single User (Login).
Create local users and assign the e-mail addresses accordingly.

In order for the user to be able to see his outgoing e-mails in the archive, the e-mail address must be assigned to the user manually.
With a GMX account, the username in the appliance is then username+gmx.net and the primary e-mail address in the appliance is username+gmx.net@pop3proxy.reddoxx.
To view outgoing e-mails, an e-mail address in the format username@gmx.net must now be created and assigned to the user username+gmx.net.

In order to allow CISS filtering to work in POP3 proxy mode, please enter the local domain "pop3proxy.reddoxx" in the local domains (configuration => e-mail transport => local domains).
You can then use the domain in the CISS filter (Spamfinder => Filter Settings => CISS filter).
In addition, check the "Enable CISS" box in the corresponding filter profile (Spamfinder => Filter Profiles).

For logging on to the USER console please choose the same user name that you defined for the POP3 login.
Please keep in mind that ‘@’ within your user name must be replaced by ‘+’.
The password is exactly the same that you use with your provider.