2034 SP 2 (2.4.87582)

  • A snapshot / backup of the appliance should be taken before starting the update

  • Please make sure you install the latest versions of REDDOXX Desktop and the REDDOXX Outlook AddIn so that post archiving and access to the REDDOXX MailDepot works correctly.
  • The notifications of the virus scanner have been completely revised and will be reset to default settings during the update. Please make a note of the settings before the update and adjust them again after the update (Spamfinder => Filter Settings => Virus Scanner).
  • Unfortunately, an update under Microsoft Azure is currently not possible and is therefore blocked. This functionality will be added later.

  • A diagnostic message is displayed if Freshclam cannot update
  • The compliance log now contains the name and description of the audit
  • The Indexer Service is monitored as a process
  • A full text search is now possible in the log files
  • The search in the virus quarantine is applied to all fields
  • The trust status of collected root S/MIME certificates can be changed manually
  • Auto Create Users can be activated for Reddcrypt organizations
  • In HyperV environments, you can select during installation whether components required for Azure operation should be activated
  • An independent TLS configuration can be made in the POP3 Connector, e.g. to be able to retrieve journal mails from 2013 Exchange servers again
  • The security level (CipherSuites used) is now dynamically adjusted depending on the TLS versions used.

  • userlookupQuery for Notes Realm {uid=(0)} can be used again
  • Exceptions for Auto Whitelist Adjustment are taken into account again
  • The license report is now sent to the specified email address instead of the admin address
  • The extended search for date and time in the user interface is now carried out correctly
  • Paging for CISS domain selection and user assignment is applied correctly and is no longer limited to 25 results
  • Archiviung via Outlook Addin now correctly sets the access rights again
  • Expired AWL entries are updated if the CISS challenge is answered correctly
  • Umlauts and special characters in specially formatted emails are displayed correctly in the user interface
  • The appliance search in the admin web interface now shows the correct panels
  • Both versions (encrypted and decrypted version) of emails can be saved again in the user interface if they have been processed by MailSealer

The following problems with this service pack and related hotfixes or workarounds are known.
You can install the respective hotfixes in the Admin Webinterface => Administration => Updates => Install hotfixes.
Obsolete hotfixes in the table are integrated into more recent hotfixes and are therefore no longer available.

Date Problem Title Problem Description Workaround / Hotfix Obsolete
15.04.2024 Hotfix 08-notification Hotfix notifications for hotfixes hf-08-notification
09.04.2024 Hotfix 07-service-restart Hotfix Restart Remote Support, Samba Access hf-07-service-restart
28.03.2024 Hotfix 06-console-refresh Hotfix Serial Number missing in appliance console hf-06-console-refresh
04.03.2024 Hotfix 05-hwdetection-azure Hotfix Hardware Detection Azure hf-05-hwdetection-azure
04.03.2024 Hotfix 04-hwdetection-azure Hotfix Hardware Detection Azure hf-04-hwdetection-azure
04.03.2024 Hotfix 03-maintenance Hotfix Maintenance hf-03-maintenance
19.02.2024 Hotfix 02-freshclam-notfiy Hotfix Freshclam Notify hf-02-freshclam-notify
01.02.2024 Hotfix 01-timediag Hotfix for Network Interface Diagnose hf-01-timediag

Detailed descriptions are provided below for the existing hotfixes.

  • The hotfix notification was defective, this has been corrected

  • The hotfix solves the problem that sometimes the remote support service could not be restarted correctly
  • In addition, a configured Samba share (Configuration => Network => SMB/CIFS) can now be accessed again via the eth1 interface

  • The serial number was sometimes not displayed in the appliance console and the status of installed hotfixes was incomplete

  • Adjustment of hardware detection on Azure appliances for update compatibility

  • Adjustment of hardware detection on Azure appliances for update compatibility

  • The maintenance mode that can be activated in the admin web interface preserves the state even if a reboot or update is done

  • The appliance sent virus pattern warnings even when no virus scanner was active, this has been corrected.

  • The "Network Time" diagnose had issues when using the check time drift option, this has been fixed

  • The update may not be able to be carried out due to a lack of support for the CPU flag "avx"
    We have provided a FAQ for this.

  • The UPN sync currently fails (UserPrincipalName must not be null), so please use a customized User Object filter in the realm as a workaround:

  • NFS storages that are located on a QNAP may only be opened after the update if the NFS version is set to v3
    (in the Admin web interface => Configuration => Storages => Double-click on NFS Storage)