The following steps are necessary to set up your REDDCRYPT organisation.
This involves establishing a secure connection to the API interface of the REDDCRYPT Portal.

This requires configuration within the REDDCRYPT Portal in advance and is documented in the Quick Start Guide:

Make sure that the REDDOXX Reddcrypt Gateway service is active.

Otherwise, the error "Connection refused" is reported when adding an organisation).
You can activate this in the Admin web interface under Administration => Services via Start.

Then click on Add and enter the API Key and the Master Key and confirm with Save.

If the error "Checksum mismatch at 0 of 20" occurs, the entry of the API or Master Key was incorrect, please check the entry again.

Via "Synchronize", the accounts existing in the organisation are synchronised with the appliance.

Synchronisation only takes place in the direction from the REDDCRYPT portal to the appliance.