Backup and Restore

Backups should be created regularly for security reasons, e.g. to ensure a quick resumption of smooth operation in the event of damage to the appliance due to a power failure or similar.

Backups contain only the appliance specific settings / data, without the underlying operating system. This enables a quick backup and restore of the appliance with minimal storage requirements for the backup.

The backup offers the possibility of backing up the local data of the appliance on a time-controlled basis.
In doing so, all queues, archive spooler entries and all configurations of the REDDOXX Appliance are backed up to the selected data carrier.

The following steps are necessary to create a backup:

1 Select Settings and choose the target for the backups from the available data storages.
2 If required, set the checkmarks at "Exclude log files" and "Exclude mail files".
If log and mail files are included in the backup, depending on the content of the queues and spooler entries, the backups are correspondingly more extensive and therefore require more storage space.
3 If desired, select an alternative e-mail address to which the backup notification should be sent in case of success.
If none is specified, the address of the appliance administrator will be used.
4 Save the settings
5 Click on "Add Job" to create a backup plan, setting the start time, interval and a name for the description.
6 Finish the configuration by clicking on "Save".

Several backup plans can be created in this way.
The backup plans (jobs) can also be modified (Edit Job) or deleted (Delete Job) at any time.

The data backup of the appliance does NOT include the backup of the archive containers on the external data carriers!
Back up the archive containers with your central data backup!
The backup does not include the network configuration of the appliance (this includes IP address, DNS server and possibly set up static routes).

In the list of available backups, backups that have already been created are listed.
These can also be checked for consistency by right-clicking -> Verify.
It is also possible to delete selected backups with a right click or to restore a selected backup with a right click.

Please note that for a restore, the target appliance must have the appropriate software and hotfix status for the backup.