Archive Spooler

The archive spooler (the archive queue) provides an overview of the mails that are intended for archiving by the appliance and are processed one after the other.

  • In the queue, the currently actively processed process is highlighted in blue.
  • The last attempt and the last error are displayed in the overview if problems occurred during processing. The view can be refreshed with F5.
  • The option "Delete" removes mails from the spooler, they are NOT archived.
  • The "Delete" function should only be used if the mails are corrupt, such as no message loaded or There is not Action with index (1) stored.
  • It is NOT possible to restore deleted mails.
  • It is recommended to monitor the number of mails in the spooler via the diagnosis MailDepot Spooler Queue, so that a warning can be given promptly. In this way, an overflow of the appliance's storage can be prevented if, for example, the storage has failed.
  • The content of the archive spooler is not deleted by a reboot of the appliance.