2032 (2.0.625)

Release Notes - Version 2032

System requirements:

  • This release updates the preinstalled beta version of 2032 onto the latest build.
  • The whole update duration takes 2-5 minutes (in a cluster up to 10 min.).
  • The hardware types RX50_V4 (Wortmann) and RX50_V1, RX100_V1, RX250_V1, RX750_V1 and RX2500_V1 (Dell) are End-Of-Live and cannot be updated anymore.
  • The hardware needs to support 64-bit. (This will be checked during the update).
  • 2 GB RAM minimum recommended.
  • Cluster should have installed the hotfix 'hf-26-install-update'.


  • New 64-Bit appliance operating system (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
  • Support for UEFI Boot and HyperV Generation 2.
  • Support for harddisks larger than 2TB up to 8TB.
  • After disk capacity extension the data partition will be resized automatically upon appliance reboot.
  • The spamfinder quarantine-report can be created at any and multiple times a day.
  • Addresses that belong to distribution groups in Active-Directory can be automatically assigned to users as deputy addresses.
  • The Compliance-Log database is created on a yearly basis and can be moved to an external storage.
  • Advanced LDAP-Attributes can be configured for recipient checks in the Admin-Web Interface, to support OpenLdap and 389 Directory Server (Kolab).
  • MailSealer Licenses can now be automatically assigned.
  • With the Clear Whitelist - Diagnose it is now possible to clear the Address Whitelist.
  • Hotfixes can now installed automatically with the Firmware Diagnose.
  • Improved the search in Mail-Queues via the Admin-Web-Interface.
  • SMTP-Connections with old or weak TLS/SSL algorithms will not be accepted anymore.
  • The Remote-Support connection was changed from SSH-Tunnel to OpenVPN. This way the remote support now will also run behind firewalls with HTTPS-Protocol filters.


  • The smart filter in the live log did not show all entries that belong to the filtered process.
  • Customer reported bugs (Known issues) fixed.

The following issues with this service pack and corresponding hotfixes or workarounds are known.
You can install the corresponding hotfixes via Firmware Diagnose -> Hotfixes -> Install.

Date Issue title Issue description Workaround / Hotfix
04.01.2017 Hotfix SNMP Diag Check for SNMP process disabled when SNMP is not used hf-53-snmp-diag
07.12.2016 Hotfix certificates Fixes some issues with expired certificate validity times hf-52-certificates
21.11.2016 Hotfix realpath Required for further updates hf-49-realpath
21.11.2016 Hotfix Network Interface Diagnose Adds a new Diagnose to detect errors and dropped Packages hf-48-network-interface-diag
03.11.2016 Hotfix avscan Improvements regarding detection of blocked extensions in compressed attachments hf-47-avscan
03.11.2016 Hotfix Engine Validator In some rare circumstances, the validator reported "no valid license found" though licenses are available and assgined hf-46-engine-validator
30.09.2016 Hotfix Logfile deletion On some appliances, the Log File Retention time was not considered and logfiles where kept forever though they should have been deleted hf-45-logfile-deletion
26.09.2016 Hotfix OpenSSL Includes latest OpenSSL Bugfixes hf-44-openssl
07.09.2016 Hotfix OpenVPN Stability hotfix for remote service hf-42-openvpn-config
07.09.2016 Hotfix Vmware Tools Vmware machines beeing in shutdown or restart mode sometimes report the error "failed to get vmware stats" multiple times before the machine actually is powered off or restarted hf-41-vmware-tools
17.08.2016 Hotfix Chinese Charset Inserts a missing chinese charset hf-39-chinese-charset
17.08.2016 Hotfix Archive Container Services Fixes the index out of range issues while processing mails hf-38-rdxacs
17.08.2016 Hotfix Maildepot Connector Fixes the index out of range issues while processing mails hf-37-mdcon
01.08.2016 Hotfix Bridge Policies The Bridge Policies were not processed after an update hf-36-bridge-policies
26.07.2016 Hotfix notify Errors in maildepot connector were not notified to the administrator hf-35-notify
26.07.2016 Hotfix Samba Shares Replaces the Hotfix 24-samba-shares hf-34-samba-shares
26.07.2016 Hotfix Diagnose Improvements for the diagnose center hf-33-diagnose
12.07.2016 Hotfix sqlite3 Adds a commandline utility for internal usage hf-32-sqlite3
12.07.2016 Hotfix SSH Sec Local Security Hotfix hf-31-ssh-sec
08.07.2016 Hotfix SSL Cipher The ssl ciphers for tls have been adjusted and weak ciphers are removed hf-29-ssl-cipher
06.07.2016 Hotfix ForceHttps A redirect from http to https was not applied when "force https" was enabled hf-28-ForceHttps
05.07.2016 Hotfix screen Adds a commandline utility for internal usage hf-27-screen

The Hotfixes above apply for both Versions, the ISO as well as the Update.
All Hotfixes below do only apply to 2032 ISO as they are already included in the regular Update.

Date Issue title Issue description Workaround / Hotfix
22.06.2016 Hotfix install update Fix for pre update check Errors hf-26-install-update
21.06.2016 Hotfix OpenSSL Fix for the OpenSSL Bug CVE-2016-2107 hf-25-openssl
17.06.2016 Hotfix Samba Shares To resolve issues caused by some microsoft windows operating systems, the smb share was adjusted.
The share provided at \\ApplianceIP\storages can then only be used with read access.
For write access, unique shares are provided at \\ApplianceIP\.
17.06.2016 Hotfix Service Start A Service restart reported an wrong internal error, that was fixed now hf-23-service-start
17.06.2016 Hotfix Cluster Restproxy If a cluster failover takes place, the restproxy service Needs to be restarted hf-22-cluster-restproxy
10.06.2016 Hotfix Apache vHosts The HTTP/S virtual host settings are missing after updating to 2032 hf-20-apache-vhosts
10.06.2016 Hotfix Restore Migrate If restoring a 2031SP3 backup in a 2032 Appliance, some migrations need to be processed hf-19-restore-migrate
08.06.2016 Hotfix Redis 0Byte If a hard power off causes a zero byte file in the Redis Database, the Service would fail, this is fixed by the redis 0 Byte hotifx hf-04-redis-0byte
08.06.2016 Hotfix Xen Localdisks Xen Localdisks are not available in Xen Appliances hf-03-xen-localdisks
08.06.2016 Hotfix Install Hotfix Hotfixes are not installed on the passive Cluster Node hf-00-install-hotfix
01.06.2016 Hotfix Verify Backup diag If a backup is configured with blanks in the name, the verify failed hf-02-verify-backup-diag
12.05.2016 Hotfix Harddisk diag The harddisk diagnose needs adjustments for various raid controller hf-01-harddisk-diag
09.05.2016 Release 2032 2032 initial Release