You can view and control individual services via the Services Administration.

Services can be started, stopped, restarted and their displayed status updated.
Please note that services relevant for the system are reactivated after a restart.

  • REDDOXX Remote Support
    The REDDOXX Remote Support Service enables the REDDOXX support an improved remote maintenance without having to change the rules of your firewall.
    The REDDOXX Remote Support Service is always deactivated and should only be started after consultation with a REDDOXX support employee.
    If the support service is activated, a connection is established outgoing to our switching computer, via which the REDDOXX technical support staff can then connect to your appliance in order to carry out further diagnoses.
  • REDDOXX Compliance Log
    The Compliance Log Service processes all Compliance Log relevant processes and logs them.
  • REDDOXX Fuzzy Filter
    The fuzzy filter checks incoming e-mails for spam on the basis of patterns.
  • REDDOXX Log Manager
    The Log Manager collects the logs of all services in a log database.
    If you stop or restart this service, all other services will also stop and must be restarted manually.
  • REDDOXX MailDepot
    The Maildepot archiving service is responsible for archiving the e-mails.
  • REDDOXX MailSealer
    The MailSealer service processes mails that are to be encrypted or decrypted according to the associated MailSealer policies.
  • REDDOXX POP3 Proxy
    The POP3 Proxy Service fetches the Pop3 mailboxes at intervals.
    The REDDCRYPT Gateway Service is used to process e-mails that are to be encrypted or decrypted via REDDCRYPT.
  • REDDOXX SmtpReceiver
    The SMTP server receives e-mails from other e-mail servers.
    Before the e-mails are received, the connection-based filters (RBL, antispoofing) are checked.
  • REDDOXX SmtpSender
    The SMTP Client Service sends e-mails that are waiting to be sent in the Delivery Queue.
  • REDDOXX Spamfinder
    The Spamfinder Service checks all e-mails from the incoming queue.
    In the process, the e-mails are checked by the filters from phase 2 (e.g. fuzzy, ABL, DBL, SBL) and scanned for viruses.
    Depending on the result of the check, the e-mails are then moved to one of the following queues: Viruses, Spam or CISS.
  • REDDOXX System Manager

The mail flow through an appliance runs through the following services in succession:

1 Acceptance of the e-mail by the SMTP receiver or POP3 proxy.
2 Processing of incoming e-mail by MailSealer
3 Spam and virus checking by Spamfinder
4 Archiving by MailDepot
5 Processing of outgoing e-mail by MailSealer
6 "Sending" of the e-mail by SMTP Sender or POP3 Proxy

If one of the services is stopped, the mail flow is interrupted at this point until the service is started again.
The mail remains in the mail processing queue.
If a service is not configured, it forwards the mail to the next service. However, it must be running for this.!

The following services can be deactivated without interrupting the mail flow:

  • Fuzzy filter (e.g. if the spam finder is not used)
  • Virus scanner (happens automatically when deactivated in Spamfinder)
  • REDDCRYPT Gateway (If not used in MailSealer)
  • POP3 Proxy (if POP3 transport is not used)
  • Remote Support