Live Log

The real-time log display of the REDDOXX Appliance serves the administrator as an overview of all activities.
SMTP connections, updates, mail validations and archiving processes are displayed here in real time.
In case of problems, the real-time protocol can help because warnings and errors are also displayed.

The following functions are available in the real-time log display by right-clicking:

Clear log:
Clears the display of the real-time log, only serves as an overview and does not affect the content of the log.
Copy message id:
Can be copied from the lines in which the message id is mentioned with right click => Copy Message ID to the clipboard (e.g. in the SmtpReceiver process in the line Message received and stored id ...) in order to then search in the log files for the entire process from receiving to sending a message.
Filter Message:
Similar to Copy message id, but here the entire process from receipt to delivery of an e-mail is filtered and displayed directly.
Filter Session:
This filter can be used with SmtpSender and SmtpReceiver processes to filter the session (the connection establishment).
Automatic Scrolling:
By default the display for new content scrolls automatically, if an evaluation of the protocol is performed this can be disabled
Protocol Level:
To change the information content of the real-time log display, use the parameters Errors, Warnings, Info and Extended.

If a filter was applied to the live log, the filtered log content is displayed in the lower area of the display.
There, the log can be copied to the clipboard (Copy log to clipboard) or the message id can be copied for further searches (e.g. within the log files).
Otherwise, the appliance attempts delivery in the interval