Live Log

The Live Log in the REDDOXX Appliance can be used by the Administrator to Monitor all activities.
SMTP connections, updates, e-mail validations an archiving processes are shown in real time.
In case of issues, this real time log can be of help, as warnings and errors are also be displayed.

Via right click, the following functions in the live log are available:

  • Set filter:
    With the set filter option, the process types can be filtered (the pattern is case sensitive).
    Following filter types are available:
    ABL-Filter, AWL-Filter, Advanced-RBL-Filter, AntiSpoofing, Archive, AutoWLAdjustment, Backup, Bayes, Bayes-Filter, BounceMail, CISS, CleanUp, Cleanup, ControlServer, DBL-Filter, DWL-Filter, Fuzzy-Filter, FuzzyStore, RBL-Filter, RVC-Filter, Report, SBL-Filter, SMTPClient, SMTPServer, SRC-Filter, SWL-Filter, SendMail, Stats, System, Validator, VirusScanner, permanently
  • Filter process:
    To filter certain log Information of a specific process, the filter process can be used. To do so, a process id needs to be selected (the id is displayed with brackets [ ]).
    With this process filter, the receiving of an E-Mail can be displayed.
  • Smart filter:
    The smart filter can be used to view the complete process like the mailflow of an E-Mail (that is running through different processes).
    The smart id is between "(" and ")".
  • Reset filter:
    Resets the selected filter and Shows the complete log again.
  • Clear log:
    Deletes the view of the live log, this does not affect the Content of the protocoll itself and is only used to get an better overview again.
  • Auto scroll:
    By default, autoscrolling is enabled for new content. This may be deactivated if an evaluation of the live log needs to be performed.
  • Log level:
    To switch between the live log Content, the log levels error, warnings, info and verbose can be selected.