REDDOXX Software Subscription

With the software subscription, you ensure the up-to-dateness and stability of the REDDOXX Appliance. REDDOXX provides between 3 and 5 updates per year. Each update contains extensions and improvements of the software. For the spam and virus filtering, REDDOXX provides new signatures almost every minute for a constant filter quality, which are automatically obtained by the Appliance.

The REDDOXX subscription is available as a subscription with a term of 12, 24, 36 and 60 months. The term of the subscription begins with the activation of the appliance. From this point on, all subscriptions are additive with regard to their term.

Feature / Function Comment
Software updates
- Continuous expansion of the range of functions
- Security-relevant updates of the operating system
- Updates of the GUIs with function extensions Ensuring compatibility with the respective operating systems and/or WEB browsers
- Troubleshooting
Signature updates and portal services
- Provision and rollout of spam and virus signatures
- Provision and operation of the CISS portal service Provision of WEB services in REDDOXX's own high-availability cluster
Working day support via e-mail Ticket opening via e-mail to or via
Version-bound support The current main version (software build, e.g. 2032) as well as the immediate previous version are supported, but only for the update to the current main version

Further conditions for the processing of support requests can be found at: Support Conditions