All accounts that exist in the registered organisation are listed here.
If recent changes have taken place (e.g. because employees have registered manually in the REDDCRYPT portal), you can initiate a synchronisation in the organisation administration.
The updated changes will be applied.

Furthermore, it is possible to create REDDCRYPT accounts manually here by entering the email address and a password to be used.
The created user is then informed by the REDDCRYPT portal about his created account and could then log in with the access data.

Deleting accounts is also possible here, but has no effect on the REDDCRYPT Portal (the accounts in the REDDCRYPT Portal are therefore not deleted).

Accounts automatically created by the appliance are also listed here if a corresponding encryption policy (MailSealer => Policies => Encoding Options => REDDCRYPT) with "Auto Create accounts" active was used.

The Status column also shows the status of the corresponding account.
As a rule, OK should be displayed here.

If the user has not logged into the portal again after setting up or changing a master key, the status is "KeyFailure".
The account is not protected by the master key (which could be used to reset the account password if the user forgets his password).
Corresponding users must therefore log on to a REDDCRYPT application once again.