REDDCRYPT Configuration

With the REDDOXX Appliance, e-mails can also be encrypted via REDDCRYPT.

  1. The REDDOXX Appliance functions as an encryption gateway and is connected to the REDDCRYPT portal.
  2. The MailSealer processing via REDDCRYPT is carried out via the REDDOXX and, if required, users with corresponding keys are also created in the REDDCRYPT portal.
  3. The recipients, who can be existing REDDCRYPT users or users without a REDDCRYPT account, then receive the e-mails encrypted with REDDCRYPT.
  4. For recipients who are not yet REDDCRYPT users, either previously defined decryption passwords are created or randomly generated, whereby the recipients must be informed of the decryption password via another transmission channel.

For this to work you need:

a REDDCRYPT Business licence
a stored Master Key
a configured API Key

Optionally, trusted domains are required for the automatic creation of users from the REDDOXX Appliance.

The following steps are necessary to prepare the REDDOXX Appliance for the communication with the REDDCRYPT service:

  1. Log in with the administrative account in the REDDCRYPT portal..
  2. Make sure that you have a valid business licence for an organisation.
  3. Create a Master Key for the organisation
  4. Create an API Key for the access of the REDDOXX Appliance, this should be noted down directly, as it cannot be displayed again later.
  5. Assign a suitable description
  6. Make a note of the specified API key
  7. Optionally, you can then configure the necessary DNS entries to activate your domain as a trusted domain for the automatic creation of users by the REDDOXX Appliance.

The DNS entry must be created as shown in the example:

You can find a more detailed description in our Knowledge Base.

The setup in REDDCRYPT is now complete and the configuration can be carried out in the REDDOXX Appliance.