REDDOXX Spamfinder

The REDDOXX Spamfinder is based on various defence methods such as black- and whitelisting, advanced RBL, automatic checks of sender and recipient address, syntactical spam recognition and many more.
The combination of these conventional and proven filtering methods alone ensures the extremely high antispam factor of around 98 percent.
Every user can view the filtered e-mails and, in the event of a false positive, can set the filter itself.
Virus infected mails are already filtered out in advance by the REDDOXX virus protection.

To ensure effective protection against unwanted e-mails, including newsletters, REDDOXX has developed and patented the CISS technology (Confirmation Interactive Site Server).
The principle behind this is that previously unknown senders, to whom no e-mails have been sent so far, must first qualify themselves before their message is actually delivered: The sender automatically receives an e-mail with a verification link.
Only after successful verification will the e-mail be delivered to the recipient.

Feature / Function Comment
Filtering Techniques Filtering based on recipient-specific profiles for individual filtering strength depending on SPAM volume
- DNS Blacklist Validation of the sender IP address against 1..n blacklist (RBL) servers, which are freely selectable
- Advanced Blacklist Filters also on blacklists for indirect mail reception via mail relays
- FUZZY Filter Checks the syntactic content of an e-mail against spam signatures
- Penetration Defence Specific algorithms for the detection of penetration events and defence in the range of milliseconds
- BATV Filter Filtering of mail bounces that have no relation to sent e-mails
- CISS patented challenge response procedure for identifying newsletters and other unknown senders
- Address, Domain, Subject Blacklists Checking against individual blacklists
- Positive filters All previously mentioned filters can be overridden by positive lists, so that false positives are less than one percent
Each outgoing email automatically generates a positive list entry that is used to override the spam filters.
Spam and Virus Quarantine
- Spam quarantine per user Retrieval via the REDDOXX User-GUI (WEB, Outlook, Mobile APP) with delivery and whitelist function
- Spam report by e-mail Automatic generation of reports on the filtering of the last 24 hours
- Virus quarantine can only be viewed by the administrator