Appliance Settings

In this Settings, the administrative and appliance E-Mail address is configured, the notifications, pop3 functionality as well as the communiction to the REDDOXX portal.

  • Enter the e-mail address of the REDDOXX Appliance.
    The e-mail address of the REDDOXX Appliance must be an e-mail address of a valid e-mail domain and also received by the REDDOXX Appliance.
    This e-mail address may not be used for other purposes
  • Enter the e-mail address of the administrator.
    To this email address the administrator receives messages from the appliance, e.g. when the backup was not finished correctly.
  • Select if notifications should be sent in case of Problems e.g. a failed backup or detected hardware failure.
    You can configure to send the notifications directly to an remote smtp Server.
    If you do not use a remote SMTP server, the appliance will send a notification via its own email engine.
    In case the appliance will have a problem with its own engine, the notification fails.
  • Confirm the changes with "Apply Settings"

  • Enable the POP3 proxy service, if the REDDOXX appliance should answer to POP3 / secured POP3 requests from the internal Network.
    The appliance listens on TCP-Port 110 for POP3 and TCP-Port 995 for POP3s.
  • Further Information to POP3 and Bridge-Mode can be found in the POP3 and Bridge Mode Configuration Manual.
  • Confirm the changes with "Apply Settings"

  • Configure if the appliance is allowed to communicate with the REDDOXX Portal, this is used to update SPAM and Virus Patterns.
  • Confirm the changes with "Apply Settings"