Updates offer you the possibility to bring the REDDOXX Appliance to a current software status.
Due to constant improvements to the software, it is recommended to always keep the appliance up-to-date.

The appliance automatically searches for an available update, which can be downloaded via "Download update" and then installed with "Install update".
In addition, it is also possible to search for and automatically install hotfixes in the "Settings" area.
A manual installation of the hotfixes is also possible via "Install hotfixes".

Please always observe the associated release notes and information.

For security reasons, a self-test is carried out both before and after the installation of updates.

If the initial self-test detects an error, the update will not be carried out for security reasons.
In this case, the errors that have occurred must first be corrected.

Please note that intermediate instances (firewall, proxy, content filter etc.) must allow the download of the following files:
.json, .tgz, .tgz.md5, .iso, .iso.md5.
These are necessary so that updates can be downloaded correctly via the appliance.