Mail Queues

The Mail Processing and Delivery Queue are the basic queues of the appliance.

E-mails received by the SMTP receiver of the appliance are first processed in the mail processing queue.
This is where, for example, the spam check or the e-mail encryption takes place.

All e-mails that have to be forwarded by the SMTP sender of the appliance are processed in the delivery queue.

  • In both queues, the ID of the message, the time of receipt, sender, recipient, subject and size are displayed.
  • In the Mail Processing Queue, the Status tab shows the processing status of the e-mail.
  • The Delivery Queue offers instead the display of the last and next delivery attempts (if the delivery was not successful), the reason for the unsuccessful delivery and a counter for the number of delivery attempts.
  • If the cause of the unsuccessful delivery has been resolved (e.g. after a failure of the internal e-mail server), you can also manually click on Deliver again here.
  • Otherwise, the appliance attempts delivery in an interval