2032 SP 1 (2.1.1130)

Release Notes - Version 2032-SP1

System requirements and important notes:

  • 2 GB RAM minimum required.
  • The update needs, according to the performance of the hardware, between 5 and 10 minutes.
    During this time, the services will be offline.
  • During the update in a cluster the active node failover to the secondary node, so the services will continue to be online most of the time.
  • Hyper-V machines should be configured in Generation-2 mode due to better performance and reliability.
  • VMware machines should have configured the VMXNET3 Network Adapter because of better performance and reliability as well.


  • Network Interface Diagnose: Analyses packet errors and drops inside the network.
    The previous "Dropped"- and "Error"- Packet Detection inside the Storage Performance Diagnose was removed.
  • Reboot-Required Diagnose: Gives an alert, if a reboot is required.
    This can happen due to the installation of a hotfix (security patch).
  • VmCompatibility Diagnose: Checks the virtual machine environment, e.g. the SCSI Controller type, the Network Interface Controller and the Virtualizer mode.
    This replaces the Virtual SCSI Controller Diagnose.
  • Spamfinder: Address White lists can be imported now.
  • Spamfinder: SMTP based Anti Spoofing Filter.
    Spoofed sender addresses can be detected during the connection handshake much faster.
  • Spamfinder: The automatically created entries for the Dynamic IP Blacklist Filter can be deleted with on click now.
  • Virus Scanner: Office Macros can be blocked now.
  • Virus Scanner: Now supports incoming and outgoing scans, only incoming scans and can be completely deactivated.
  • License Administration: The appliance can be registered again with another license number.


  • Spamfinder: The Bayes Filter was removed.
  • Virtual SCSI Controller Diagnose (replaced by the Virtual Machine Compatibility Diagnose).


  • Customer reported bugs (Known issues) fixed.

The following issues with this service pack and corresponding hotfixes or workarounds are known.
You can install the corresponding hotfixes via Firmware Diagnose -> Hotfixes -> Install.

Date Issue title Issue description Workaround / Hotfix
11.04.2017 Hotfix backup log Appliance log files have not been integrated in the backup hf-27-backup-log
04.04.2017 Hotfix user-gui Fixed an Browser issue that had problems with browser scaling when using advanced search hf-26-user-gui
31.03.2017 Hotfix Bridge Firewall Fixes an issue with bridge mode enabled appliances where smtp outgoing mails through the appliance resulted in a timeout hf-25-bridge-firewall
30.03.2017 Hotfix mdcon Fixes a maildepotconnector issue that happens when very large top level domain names are used hf-24-mdcon
30.03.2017 Hotfix Container Consistency Container Consistency Check reported for the Check ALL process, that all containers would be corrupt in new appliances hf-23-container-check-diag
30.03.2017 Hotfix HyperV G2 Performance Fixed a hyper kernel issue (storvsc) that caused slow performance on gen2 appliances that have empty CD-ROM devices. hf-22-hyperv-g2-performance
24.03.2017 Hotfix backup notification Fixed issues with some filenames of the backup file (e.g with blanks) hf-21-backup-notification
21.03.2017 Hotfix update The hotfix installer was improved to better support hotfixes with larger file size hf-20-update
21.03.2017 Hotfix rdxacs The archive service did not run after a restore on a new installed appliance hf-19-rdxacs
21.03.2017 Hotfix Container Check Diag Container Consistency Check reported for the Check ALL process, that all containers would be corrupt hf-18-container-check-diag
21.03.2017 Hotfix Backup Restore Backup Restore on new installed appliances caused php errors hf-17-backup-restore
20.03.2017 Hotfix Watchdog stability improvements for the service with backup configuration hf-16-watchdog
20.03.2017 Hotfix Desktop Gui Domain whitelist entries could not be saved hf-15-desktop-gui
20.03.2017 Hotfix User Gui Error corrections and compatibility for lower desktop resolutions hf-14-user-gui
20.03.2017 Hotfix restproxy global fixes for interfaces (user / desktop) hf-13-restproxy
20.03.2017 Hotfix watchdog stability improvements for the service with backup configuration hf-12-watchdog
20.03.2017 Hotfix hotfix installer The hotfix installer was improved to better support hotfixes with larger file size hf-05-hotfix-installer
11.03.2017 Hotfix Spamreport The spamreport settings are in some circumstances not processed accordingly hf-11-spamreport
10.03.2017 Hotfix VmCompat Removes Compatibility Check for HyperV Generations hf-10-diag-VmCompat
09.03.2017 Hotfix apparmor Decreased internal logging hf-09-apparmor-clamd
09.03.2017 Hotfix mono Update for mono library to increase mail depot connector stability hf-08-mono
07.03.2017 Hotfix VmCompat The VmCompatibility Diagnose reported an error for the network adapter used in Appliances running in VMware Workstation hf-07-diag-VmCompat
07.03.2017 Hotfix Health Check Diag The Server Eye Monitor reported an error when the process list diagnose was disabled hf-06-healthcheck-diag
02.03.2017 Hotfix hotfix log The firmware diagnose is still showing old hotfixes from the previous version hf-04-hotfix-log
02.03.2017 Hotfix diagnose disk space In some rare circumstances, the disc space diagnose reported an json error hf-03-diagnose-jsonparser
02.03.2017 Hotfix engine tls Some mail servers lost connection after trying to establish TLS Sessions hf-02-engine-tls
01.03.2017 Hotfix firebird temp The spam queue reported insufficient disc space when there are too many entries hf-01-firebird-temp
28.02.2017 Release 2032 SP1 2032 SP1 initial Release